Sunday, 9 January 2011

Facebook Bullshit

Do some people have nothing better to do in their spare time other than constantly update their status every time they open a bag of fucking crisps or go for a shit? Facebook, in case you dumb fucks haven't noticed allows 420 characters in status updates so if anyone is capable of stringing more than one sentence together please do so, rather than boring everyone to death with inane crap every time your tiny minds gets exited over some bullshit ad on the brainwashing box! You can guarantee though some clown and serial status bullshitter will update his or her status whining about the "leckie" running out or how yummy it's Mcfattwat burger was and he or she will have a gang of chav mates clicking the like button. If by some miracle or more than likely they've ran out of money for their daily ration of bella these "serial likers" do attempt a reply it'll be in abbreviated, barely readable text slang YOU HAVE A WHOLE KEYBOARD!!!! These dickheads really boil my piss some of the shit I read on facebook leaves me wondering if I can buy the Enigma machine for fucks sake!  Mark Zuckerberg should install a plug in to stop all this which gives these losers a warning at first telling them to use a spell checker or try getting an education before writing on facebook again. If the warning is not adhered to their account gets deleted and the details sent to Bebo or Myspace

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