Sunday, 23 January 2011

Canada Bans Dire Straits Money For Nothing.

Hardly a day goes by without the pc brigade banning something because it offends a minority, the latest on these militant left wing loonies shit list is Mark Knopfler and his gang, Dire straits! Canada has decided to ban the song Money For Nothing years after it has been released in case it offends the gay community for fucks sake, thousands of seals get clubbed to death every year and critically endangered sharks have their fins chopped off whilst their still alive but make sure you don't offend the aids spreading faggots.
 What song will Canada ban next? Oliver's Army for containing the "N" word perhaps?  How about Embarrassment by Madness because Suggsy was a friend of Ian Stuart and former roadie for Skrewdriver so it was alleged that the song was "anti Semitic" (more to come on that little can of worms)  
 How, though that a song by the Pogues has not been criticised for containing the word faggot? Probably because it is alleged that the are IRA supporters. Evidence of this has been heard at their gigs fans have been heard shouting up the IRA!

"Despite not having made a studio album in over 20 years, Mark Knopfler's iconic ‘80s act have been dragged into a censorship row surrounding their most famous song, ‘Money For Nothing'. A watchdog in Canada has banned the track from being broadcast on their airwaves, after deeming it too offensive."

If your a pc Canadian or just a pc loonie feel free to take a look at this

Here's the song with the "offending" lyrics!

Click the link below to buy the mp3 before the pc loonies erase history and start cd's and vinyl burning parties of this iconic song, dancing around the fires like wild indians!

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