Thursday, 3 February 2011

The World Is Not Going To End!

The news of this overpaid, convicted criminal transferring to Liverpool has left "Toon" fans crying into their pints. Well boo fucking hoo who gives a shit? The world is not going to end, well at least until 2012 anyway! Or maybe when the next Newcastle player misses yet another goal and NUFC lose yet again, if they played as well as they do when they play against Sunderland then they might actually get somewhere but no they can't be be arsed!
Back to Carroll, wonder if he realises his surname is a girls name, I'd change my name for far less reasons than that!
 He claims that he had no choice in the transfer to Liverpool, yeah right I bet all the extra money he'll be getting had nothing to do with it. Mind you he's a typical thick as fuck criminal footballer so he probably doesn't. Here's a news flash to all "toon" fans the world isn't going to end just because another money grabbing wanker has gone to another team, oh and by the way all these status' on social networking sites are getting boring now! Suppose the next game you lose will be because of the absence of Carroll and yes everyone knows that the manager of Newcastle the money won't spend the money on a decent player and will be laughing all the way to the bank. Do me a favour, stop moaning about it and hit the greedy wanker where it hurts and stop paying hard earned cash going to the match every fucking week!
Here's a bit of irony for you, on the official day of transferring to Liverpool on this years NUFC calendar guess who they saw when turning over to February? Yes you guessed it, the man with the shit hair style himself ha ha!
Click on the the pick to buy the calendar, its February so you won't need to look at the twat as long. 
Here's a game for anyone aspiring to be an overpaid thug like Carroll to keep your tiny minds away from your loss!

Keep your brains warm at the toon match with the official

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